House call grooming is very calming to the pets to be groomed in their own home. I will only need a 4'x4' space and two towels . All hair will be cleaned up before I leave.

De-matting a matted coat can be very stressful and bothersome to the animal. I will only continue to de-mat or shave down as long as the pet can tolerate. There is a de-matting fee $1.00 per minute added to your grooming bill, Grooming may be stopped before completion du e to severely y matted coats, or an over-stressed animal and owner will be billed for the grooming that was completed. Mats may cause skin irritation from pulling at the skin and air not getting to skin. Pets can scratch or chew at their skin which will cause more irritation or sores. I recommend applying witch hazel to the area.
Fulminator shed-less treatment is required for dogs with excessive undercoat. Just regular brushing is not enough to remove all undercoat to achieve a smoother appearance.

PET VISITS (to your home)
There is an additional charge of $1.00 a mile per day, exceeding the first 10 miles. Pet visits are up to 20 minutes per visit. For each additional pet after the first, there is an added charge of $2.00 per pet. There is an additional charge of $3.00 per visit for holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve , Christmas Day).

-There is an additional charge for extended visits

-There is an additional charge for each visit for administrating of medicine, vitamins, and injections per pet
Pet owner must sign a form allowing Pamper Me Pets administrate medication and injections to your pet while you are away.

-If you need to add any days or pet visits just give me a call and I will adjust my schedule, I am very flexible and if available will be able to accommodate. * Also very important once you arrive home I ask that you please give me a call to let me know you are with your pet.

-If a pet shows signs of illness the owner will be notified regardless of time of day or evening if a customer cannot be reached or it is an extreme emergency Pamper Me Pets has the right to bring pet to the nearest animal hospital or emergency hospital if regular vet is closed. Owners will be responsible for vet bill.

Monday-Sunday, 8am-9pm


-With any pets that are found to have fleas, there is an additional charge of $30.00 to your service costs, for the sterilization of equipment. I have pets of my own that I need to protect, and I can not have any of my client’s pets contaminated with fleas.
-All pets also need to be up to date on all their shots, especially bordatella. If they are not up to date customer is responsible if pet should catch something ;( kennel cough and all other viruses/diseases. -Pet viruses are airborne and pets can also be contaminated on their daily walks. Please present Pamper -Me Pets a copy of their current health records and current vaccinations..
-There is a $30.00 returned check fee: cash payments only: sales tax of 7%to grooming services:
Make checks payable to Pamper Me Pets